Qualified circus performers Jamie Bretman, Jack Coleman and Simon Wright created Trash Test Dummies in 2013 and have been touring nationally and internationally ever since. They have performed for sell out crowds and have been critically acclaimed in Australia, Asia and Europe winning a host of awards including the coveted Best Children's Presentation at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2015. The company are firm favourites on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival program each year and continue to delight fans young and old with their trademark blend of circus, comedy and imagination.


Our company can offer two different types of workshops to the local community whilst on tour, a clowning/physical theatre focused workshop and a circus skills workshop.  

Each workshop can cater for up to 30 participants ages 6+ and lasts for an hour. Participants don't need any prior ability and will leave having learnt some of the moves they have seen in the show, creating a strong connection between the performance, the artists and their personal experience.


Trash Test Dummies are happy to do meet and greet sessions with their audiences after every performance, building incredible rapport with community and creating lasting impressions.

From the creators of award-winning Dummies shows, comes an all-powerful cast of sensational female acrobats in the latest family adventure, Don't Mess with the Dummies. This brand-new ensemble take centre stage with an endearing blend of circus, comedy and character that will leave your heart on your sleeve and your jaw on the floor.

As silly as they are strong, Ellen Henry, Maya Tregonning and Shona Conacher are masters of circus who laugh in the face of gravity and tickle your funny bone to take you on a wild ride of organised chaos!

Watch as these daring, dynamic Dummies dive, dip and dodge their way through this new hour of power. See them pull impressive stunts punctuated with a slapstick prowess second to none. One minute you’ll be rolling in the aisles laughing and the next glued to the edge of your seat as they deliver a show in the Dummies signature style.

Hold on to your hats as these Dummies take you on a raucous ride of non-stop slapstick and skill. See a brilliant array of ball bouncing on the boundaries of impossibility, hula hoop hooligans and flexible flip-flopping. You'll be awed by out-of-this-world circus, charmed by inventive puppetry and gameplay.

The Dummies are famous for delivering dare-devil, hilarious, larger-than-life experiences and this show does not disappoint. If you’re up for some friendship, fun and a fantastically good time, join in the latest Dummies extravaganza!

*** Winner 2019 Best Children's Show Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award ***

Rub-a- dub-dub, The Dummies are back with some splish splashing circus set to drown you in tears of laughter.

From the makers of hit show Trash Test Dummies comes a new production of oceanic proportions! Splash Test Dummies are here, ready to roll out their beach towels and spring into a brand new hour of circus-filled hilarity for the whole family. See a brilliant array of catch-your-breath stunt work, acrobatics, juggling and the side-splitting, slapstick comedy for which the dummies are famous. 

Join the Dummies and come diving from bathtubs to beaches in this new aquatic adventure!


Trash Test Dummies have been delighting audiences young and old with a nuanced blend of circus, comedy and imaginative play, creating shared and treasured experiences for families across Australia and around the world. Now, they're ready to take you on a new adventure.

Everyone put your bins out! Tonight's the night and Trash Test Dummies are on duty! Winners of the best Children’s presentation at the Adelaide fringe festival 2015, the Trash Test Dummies are as full of laughs as their bins are full of surprises.

Firm favourites at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this award winning, sidesplitting slapstick comedy routine takes the household wheelie bin to new heights, and delivers a dump truck full of hilarity! 

Nominees of the 2015 Perth Fringe World Circus Award, and winners of the Gas works Circus Showdown 2014, the Trash Test Dummies is a family friendly, circus comedy show like no other. “Delightfully intelligent, highly entertaining” Herald Sun ★★★★½

Trash Test Dummies have been delighting audiences young and old with a nuanced blend of circus, comedy and imaginative play, creating shared and treasured experiences for families across Australia and around the world. They have three years of touring under their belt and no sign of slowing down. 

“What kids and adult so readily enjoy is the adept, unadulterated mischief.” The Times, UK ★★★★

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